Mac Tips and Tricks

How to effectively delete the Eltima network Gate USB Deamon from Mac OS X or 11 :


Thank you for reaching us. Execute the following commands via Terminal app and reboot your Mac:

sudo /bin/launchctl remove us.electronic.eveusb.daemon || sudo /bin/launchctl unload -w „/Library/LaunchDaemons/us.electronic.eveusb.daemon.plist“ || sudo killall -u root -c eveusbd || sudo killall -u root -c eveusbd -KILL

sudo rm -fr „/Library/LaunchDaemons/us.electronic.eveusb.daemon.plist“

sudo rm -fr „/Library/Frameworks/EveUSB.framework“

sudo pkgutil –forget us.electronic.pkg.eveusb.core

sudo pkgutil –forget us.electronic.pkg.eveusb.oem

sudo rm -fr „/usr/local/lib/freerdp/usb4rdp.dylib“

sudo pkgutil –forget us.electronic.pkg.eveusb.freerdp_plugin

After that, the mentioned pop-up should not appear.