Super Mario 3D Allstars Switch

I have had preordered the new Collection Super Mario 3D Allstars. Many of the Reviewers comment on the fact that it’s Emulation or partly Emulation – I Think Nintendo did a good job bringing the old Games Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy to the new platform. Partly with enhanced Resolution and upgraded Textures and the controls were adjusted to fit the Switch perfectly.

All Games are big Mario Entries and way above the 2D parts of the initial installment.

They added the complete Soundtrack of all 3 Titles for direct playback.

Some people may say Nintendo was lazy, but I think they wanted to stick as close to the originals and now you can take them with you on a mobile device with almost no downgrades on the visual and fun side. Even playing it on my hometheater setup looks stunning and that at a size of 150“ 😊.

Von Harald Weiss

Harald loves Networking of all sorts, Games, Consoles, Network and IT Security. Please feel free to ask questions

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